How to Link Directly to Your Podcast in iTunes

Since many podcast listeners use iTunes and iOS devices, you may want to provide the direct link to your podcast there. Here’s how to share an iTunes link to your podcast that will automatically launch iTunes: Go to your podcast in the iTunes store, right click on the title and “copy link” (you can alsoContinue reading “How to Link Directly to Your Podcast in iTunes”

Understanding Podcast Advertising

The Growing Opportunity in Podcast Advertising The opportunity has never been better for podcast advertising. Brands are becoming aware of the benefits of podcast advertising and increasingly seeking out podcasts to sponsor. Podcast audiences tend to be educated, engaged, and connected. A brand can seek a good match with a target audience for its productContinue reading “Understanding Podcast Advertising”

The Art of Producing Great Podcasts

Interview with a Pro Podcast Producer: Corey Coates from Podfly Tell us how you got into podcasting and the Podfly origin story. I was a professional musician, playing guitar for various rock bands. I realized it was time to make a transition in life and set up a small project recording studio. I learned audioContinue reading “The Art of Producing Great Podcasts”

Podcast Advertising: Podcast Monetization Part 2

In our second video about podcast monetization, we share more details about podcast advertising (i.e. getting a sponsor for your show). Watch the video to understand more about how podcast advertising works and how you might find sponsors for your podcast as a monetization strategy. This video (Part 2 of the podcast monetization series, viewContinue reading “Podcast Advertising: Podcast Monetization Part 2”

Monetizing a Podcast

Ever thought about how to make money from your podcast? Think you have a great show and want to figure out a way to pay for expenses and maybe even build a great income from podcasting? Watch our presentation about monetizing a podcast for tips, resources and success stories so you can monetize your podcastContinue reading “Monetizing a Podcast”

Podcasting Basics: What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication or Real-time Simple Syndication. It is a way to get frequently changing information from websites (blog posts, audio and video, podcasts!). RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically. In the case of podcasts, your RSS feed is what you need to submit to iTunes andContinue reading “Podcasting Basics: What is an RSS feed?”

How Do I Get My Podcast Listed on iTunes?

Most likely if you’re looking at this article you already know you want your podcast listed on iTunes. Though there are more and more places for people to find and stream/download podcasts, iTunes is still where most people find podcasts and also serves as the source for many other directories and apps. It is importantContinue reading “How Do I Get My Podcast Listed on iTunes?”

Recap of Podcast Movement 2016: Inspiration, Connections, Resources

The Podbean team sponsored Podcast Movement (PM16) for the 2nd time this year and we were truly honored to be part of such a great event. Over 1500 podcasters attended the three-day event in Chicago just after Independence Day. The event was filled with big headliners, information-packed sessions and lots of great networking. The AcademyContinue reading “Recap of Podcast Movement 2016: Inspiration, Connections, Resources”

Podcasting Hurdles: Overcoming Your “Support” System

Thanks to Bulldog Milenko (of the Bulldog Unchained Podcast) for this guest post, sharing his thoughts about his journey of podcasting. He offers some of the challenges he’s experienced, lessons learned and goals he hopes to achieve. We hope you enjoy his story and gain some ideas from his experiences. Let me begin by sayingContinue reading “Podcasting Hurdles: Overcoming Your “Support” System”

Where Should I Host My Podcast?

Podcast Hosting Considerations When you have a podcast, your media files need to be hosted somewhere reliable, so they’re served up smoothly to your audience. New podcasters are sometimes surprised to learn Apple doesn’t host podcasts…you’ll need to submit your podcast’s RSS feed for iTunes and other directories. Most podcasters use podcast media hosting services,Continue reading “Where Should I Host My Podcast?”