Monetizing a Podcast

Ever thought about how to make money from your podcast? Think you have a great show and want to figure out a way to pay for expenses and maybe even build a great income from podcasting?

Watch our presentation about monetizing a podcast for tips, resources and success stories so you can monetize your podcast the right way.

This video (Part 1) covers:

  • Things to consider about monetizing a podcast: should you monetize and when, what you should think about, concerns and priorities
  • Ways to monetize a podcast:

           a. Advertising

           b. Listener support (donations, patron programs)

           c. Premium content (paid content and subscriptions)

           d. Selling products (courses, show swag, affiliate programs, etc.)

           e. Indirect (influence, marketing→increased sales or success in your business,                              developing a side hustle, getting hired as a coach, speaker, etc.)

  • How to monetize via listener donations

           a. Some common misconceptions/getting past your fear

           b. Logistics/tools

           c. Tips: rewards and donation levels

           d. Tips: goals, story, video, etc.

The second part of our series on monetizing a podcast will get more into depth about advertising (or obtaining sponsors). We’ll explain how podcast advertising generally works, break down the terminology, and show a demo of Podbean’s Advertising Marketplace.

For more on Podbean’s patron program (open to all podcasters, free to join) visit patron.podbean.com. To join the advertising marketplace to connect with potential sponsors for your show, visit https://sponsorship.podbean.com/podcasters.

We also welcome you to join our Facebook group, Podcasting Smarter, for discussions about podcasting tools and resources, growing an audience, podcast monetization and more!

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