Podcasting Hurdles: Overcoming Your “Support” System

Thanks to Bulldog Milenko (of the Bulldog Unchained Podcast) for this guest post, sharing his thoughts about his journey of podcasting. He offers some of the challenges he’s experienced, lessons learned and goals he hopes to achieve. We hope you enjoy his story and gain some ideas from his experiences. Let me begin by sayingContinue reading “Podcasting Hurdles: Overcoming Your “Support” System”

Where Should I Host My Podcast?

Podcast Hosting Considerations When you have a podcast, your media files need to be hosted somewhere reliable, so they’re served up smoothly to your audience. New podcasters are sometimes surprised to learn Apple doesn’t host podcasts…you’ll need to submit your podcast’s RSS feed for iTunes and other directories. Most podcasters use podcast media hosting services,Continue reading “Where Should I Host My Podcast?”