Understanding Podcast Advertising

The Growing Opportunity in Podcast Advertising The opportunity has never been better for podcast advertising. Brands are becoming aware of the benefits of podcast advertising and increasingly seeking out podcasts to sponsor. Podcast audiences tend to be educated, engaged, and connected. A brand can seek a good match with a target audience for its productContinue reading “Understanding Podcast Advertising”

Podcast Advertising: Podcast Monetization Part 2

In our second video about podcast monetization, we share more details about podcast advertising (i.e. getting a sponsor for your show). Watch the video to understand more about how podcast advertising works and how you might find sponsors for your podcast as a monetization strategy. This video (Part 2 of the podcast monetization series, viewContinue reading “Podcast Advertising: Podcast Monetization Part 2”

Creating a Podcast Patron Program: Podbean Crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a means of community members supporting work or helping to fund a project/product. In the case of podcast crowdfunding, it refers to listener donations helping to support your podcasting efforts. Why should I consider setting up a crowdfunding campaign? Crowdfunding is a great way for your listeners to support theContinue reading “Creating a Podcast Patron Program: Podbean Crowdfunding”