Non-Profit Podcasting: Using a Podcast for Advocacy

In our continuing series about non-profit podcasting, we hear from Peterson Toscano, host of Citizens’ Climate Radio. The podcast is a combination of training and information about the advocacy work of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. They’ve seen the benefits in encouraging and connecting with their advocates all over the world through their podcast. Case Study in Non-Profit Podcasting:Continue reading “Non-Profit Podcasting: Using a Podcast for Advocacy”

Why Your Non-Profit Should Have a Podcast

Podcasting can be a wonderful communications solution for non-profit and cause-based organizations. Some non-profit organizations use a podcast to communicate advocacy information to members/supporters. Others may repurpose educational and informational content to reach a wider audience. The audio format is a great way to increase engagement and spread your organization’s message further. Non-Profit Podcasting: AContinue reading “Why Your Non-Profit Should Have a Podcast”

Educating a Wider Audience with an Organization Podcast

Organizations can benefit from podcasting in many ways. One great example is the ability to reach a wider audience and further the organization’s outreach all across the world. Read more below about how one organization has benefited from their widely popular video podcast. The Culinary Institute of America is a premier culinary college. John BarkleyContinue reading “Educating a Wider Audience with an Organization Podcast”