Why Your Non-Profit Should Have a Podcast

Podcasting can be a wonderful communications solution for non-profit and cause-based organizations. Some non-profit organizations use a podcast to communicate advocacy information to members/supporters. Others may repurpose educational and informational content to reach a wider audience. The audio format is a great way to increase engagement and spread your organization’s message further. Non-Profit Podcasting: AContinue reading “Why Your Non-Profit Should Have a Podcast”

How to Link Directly to Your Podcast in iTunes

Since many podcast listeners use iTunes and iOS devices, you may want to provide the direct link to your podcast there. Here’s how to share an iTunes link to your podcast that will automatically launch iTunes: Go to your podcast in the iTunes store, right click on the title and “copy link” (you can alsoContinue reading “How to Link Directly to Your Podcast in iTunes”

Podcasting Hurdles: Overcoming Your “Support” System

Thanks to Bulldog Milenko (of the Bulldog Unchained Podcast) for this guest post, sharing his thoughts about his journey of podcasting. He offers some of the challenges he’s experienced, lessons learned and goals he hopes to achieve. We hope you enjoy his story and gain some ideas from his experiences. Let me begin by sayingContinue reading “Podcasting Hurdles: Overcoming Your “Support” System”

Podcasting Tools: RINGR

We will be featuring various tools and resources for podcasters on the Podcasting Blog. We hope you enjoy this guest post from Tim Sinclair CEO of RINGR. When starting RINGR in July of 2014, my primary goal was to solve a problem I encountered as a radio host: I was tired of conducting phone interviewsContinue reading “Podcasting Tools: RINGR”