Podcasting Smarter Episode 4: Austin Petersen

Podcasting To Advance Your Cause with Austin Petersen: Season 01 Ep. 4 https://podcast.podbean.com/mf/web/8qj7nj/20160726.mp3 Austin Petersen is the founder and owner of The Libertarian Republic, and the host of The Freedom Report podcast. Austin  grew The Freedom Report podcast into a popular, political news source which now earns over a million downloads a month. Austin creditsContinue reading “Podcasting Smarter Episode 4: Austin Petersen”

Podcasting Smarter Episode 3: Rex Factor

Building A Podcast Kingdom with Rex Factor: Season 1, Episode 3 https://podcast.podbean.com/mf/web/b86zcn/20160717.mp3 On this week’s episode of Podcasting Smarter, we interview Graham Duke of the Rex Factor Podcast. Rex Factor is a light-hearted podcast reviewing all the kings and queens of England & Scotland. On each episode, Graham and Ali determine if the monarch has the mark of greatness,Continue reading “Podcasting Smarter Episode 3: Rex Factor”

Podcasting Smarter Podcast Episode 2: The Language of Bromance

There Are No Podcast Numbers, Only People: Season 1 Ep. 02 https://podcast.podbean.com/mf/web/2rd7y8/20160708_draft1.mp3 This week’s Podcasting Smarter episode was recorded at Podcast Movement 2016 with Shawn and Richard, the co-hosts and producers of The Language of Bromance Podcast. Podbean is a proud sponsor of Podcast Movement! This episode was recorded using Podbean’s mobile app and the Go Mic by Samson. The micContinue reading “Podcasting Smarter Podcast Episode 2: The Language of Bromance”

Ridding Yourself of the Rumble: Podcasting Audio Tips

Guest post by Kris Keppeler That low rumble keeps appearing in your audio. It’s maddening, and the cause stumps you. It shows up and disappears in no pattern, like uninvited magic. Identifying the Rumble I had this rumble for more than a year. Then I moved my studio set up away from the window andContinue reading “Ridding Yourself of the Rumble: Podcasting Audio Tips”

Podcasting Smarter Podcast Episode 1: The Magic of Turning Your Podcast Audience Into A Community with Mike Rahlmann

https://podcast.podbean.com/mf/web/rb8ab5/20160630.mp3   Podcasting Smarter is the podcast for for podcasters, by podcasters. Each episode a podcaster comes on to share with us their podcasting journey and lessons learned. The podcast is a personal glimpse into the world of podcasting, from all different perspectives. We have guests in all topic areas with many different paths. SomeContinue reading “Podcasting Smarter Podcast Episode 1: The Magic of Turning Your Podcast Audience Into A Community with Mike Rahlmann”